Tiramisu Cowboy’s end-of-November 2023 update

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I can finally take a break from translating Magia Record stuff (I’m super invested in the scene 0 storyline they have been releasing recently) and do stuff for this website! My copy of Obake no Sakurazome is still traveling, but I’m working on several new reviews… The upcoming content page has been updated!

I’ve also done some minor updates, like deleting the Japanese list of songs because it was redundant and annoying to update (it now redirects to the English one, which serves the same function… I hope the Japanese readers can still enjoy it!), and finally updating the full Fanbox archive!

Penguin loves focaccia

Now, let’s move on to Buta news…


In case you missed the Reitaisai live, you can rewatch it here (timestamped)! Buta played Soldi and Kyouen. And in case you want to pay for a live, streaming tickets for the Shiotan Goninmae live are still available for a few days!

What is Shiotan Goninmae? It’s a supergroup with Ranko as vocalist, Shiro Tokage from Tetsuwan Tokage Tanchiki and Moriya as guitarists, tikage as bassist, and Davis from itsukabezaka as drummer. Here is the setlist:

  1. Yoiyamidori (Kisida Kyodan)
  2. Saru
  3. Hachigatsu no Himitsu (THE BACK HORN)
  4. Shambala (Narwhal:)
  5. Lunatic Ningen Joutai (Tetsuwan Tokage Tanchiki)
  6. Akatsuki wo Utsushite (Kisida Kyodan)
  7. Kyouen

You can watch a digest for free here! In her latest blog post, Ranko also mentioned that they might do it again in the future!

The next lives are proper Buta ones and will be the last ones for 2023: Uta Matsuri on the 2nd, and PIG SOAP SLUT on the 9th!

Next merch might be…

A couple of days ago, Ranko considered making an acrylic stand of herself… I did reply to her that her 2D self would be a good collection guardian and she would be nice to pair with Chibi Ranko! But well, I also think Ane needs her sister! Maybe she will do it for real, who knows?

Waiting for the other half of their duos… (Merry will arrive for Christmas)

Once I’m done with some of my translation and writing projects, I should commit myself to the merch section and give it its long overdue update. Lately, I’ve been admiring the work of people who make documentation about merchandise and super niche things, and well… by making a full archive of every single piece of merch and freebie BUTAOTOME has ever put out, I will contribute to that, right? (although… now that I realize it, working on Tiramisu Cowboy and THBWiki is already “documentation about super niche things”…)

Warning: Rant Ahead.

Comp said on Instagram that he has been working on several new songs. It was an Instagram story, so I can’t give a direct link. But in any case, maybe there is hope for a full album for this Comiket…? However, today he recorded vocals on an external studio, which usually (and I mean usually) means it’s gonna be a Touhou Lost Word MV project song… Sigh. Yeah, he never specifies what these recordings are about, it could be for something else, but I have absolutely no hope by this point…

I have this love-and-hate relationship with Lost Word now. I’m sick and tired of the MV project, but I do really enjoy the concept of alternative versions, even if it’s not well executed most of the time. Every week, I geniunly look forward to who is gonna be the new unit. And I manically laugh when the management shows its true, greedy gacha colors by making Remilia alt number 500 and milking the swimsuits outside of summer. They now reached a point where they are releasing alts of alts, by giving Witch of Scarlet Dreams Marisa (the historical first alt of the game) a swimsuit version. Now I can easily imagine swimsuit alts of the relic characters (playable units based on the MVs) accompanied by remixes of their respective songs, just to shove the super cool MVs down the players’ throats even further. Oh no, maybe I just gave NextNinja and friends an idea…

End of the Rant

Aaaaand that’s all for today!

P.S.: In Enigmatic Doll news, THBWiki has currently 69 arrangements documented!!!! And the Nicest one iiiis… a MIDI-swap. I’m not going to link it, but imagine Enigmatic Doll with a PC-98-like sound font. I wanted the 69th arrangement to be at least decent, but I guess I was asking too much… :museNOTnice: #MuseDeservesHerButaSong