Autumnal Reitaisai 2 recap

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Sunday is Autumnal Reitaisai! Is there anything Buta-related, other than I LOVE CHERRY?
Well, Mittsu Kazoero will be playable on the music game Sound Voltex! And that’s all. No albums with random guest partecipations, neither as full circle, Ranko singing something or what.
Maybe it’s not worth mentioning, but since it’s a track with Ranko among the various vocalists… there is a remix of Scary Halloween Show in Haunted Halloween Town, one of the upcoming IOSYS album.
And since we are in the topic… Shibayan will bring a new album for Kouroumu: Sedecim. It’s a collection of remixes of his old songs and there is also Clockup Flowers by izna (IZMIZM).