Ano Hi Mita Gensou chapter 2 – Setlist

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The second edition of this Hifuu-only festival has ended! This time BUTAOTOME focused more on popular tracks they haven’t played since a while. (thanks to Ark Lucifead, as usual, for posting the setlist!)

1. Mittsu Kazoero
2. Anata ni wa miete Watashi ni wa mienai mono
3. Futatsu no Cinema
4. Moonstone
5. Hoshi no Kiseki
6. Ikiru
7. Gensou no Satellite

Bonus: GET IN THE RING, during their segment, played Forgotten Paradise.

Now, for some extra news: since some days, the 3 new Hifuu-themed goods (dolman, mugcup, bracelet) are up on Melonbooks! In particular, the dolman had an insane success: it went sold out after some hours!