BUTAOTOME Major Debut: thoughts and considerations

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First, a little update: it turned out that November’s recordings were actually for the major album! The C91 stuff is still in the making (I assume they’ll be the usual Touhou vocal and Nekokenban).
Now, let’s start this important post.

[I wanted to put some celebrative pic, but there are bad lights in my room orz]

A recap for the Slowpokes: this Saturday, during the liveshow, Butaotome announced that from next year they’ll be under a major label: Avex. The first mini-album (basically the “sixth original”) will be released on spring. But they won’t stop their doujin/Touhou activity.

48+ hours have passed, but I still feel excited and happy. I’m so happy for the music group of my heart. They’ll get bigger and more known outside from people who listen Touhou music, and that was something I wished for a long time. My love for Butaotome is completely unchanged and I’ll still manage this website, buy their newest releases, hype everything etc. as before.

But what we should expect from the future? Since there will be various differences from the doujin world, I have made lots of searches and here is what I can tell you:
– First of all, the major songs will belong to Avex, and not just to Butaotome, so there will be probably restrictions about sharing. I’ve sent an email to Buta asking about the repost of lyrics, and Sis replied me that they are in a grey area (both lyrics and also the music). I’ll think about it in the next months, but there is the chance I won’t post the lyrics for the major tracks, or just a romanization. Also, while I don’t follow any Youtube channel centered on random uploads of doujin music (except a friend of mine), I want to give a friendly warning: it’s unclear what Avex does on Youtube, but there are chances that your video with those songs could get deleted, muted or (in the best of the cases) monetized.
– We could get music videos featuring the 4 members! Also, some Japanese labels have country restrictions for their official videos on Youtube, but that doesn’t seem to be the case of Avex.
– Major albums in Japan are generally more expensive than doujin stuff. The prices range from 1200 yen for CD singles with 2-3 tracks to 3000 for full albums. So, don’t be surprised if a possible future single will cost as much as a regular Touhou album.
– The stuff will be surely available on shops like Amazon, CDJapan, YesAsia and others, so I’ll add an appendix about them in the How to buy guide, once we get more informations about the upcoming album.
– There are also the chances for random extras limited to certain shops and/or special first press editions with additional content.
– I don’t think we should have high hopes for this, but maybe there will be digital sales as well…?
– This is just a personal note from me, but I hope the album arts will feature new Original-kos!

That’s all! If you have any question or want to clarify something, feel free to contact me!