December News

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We are in December and this year is coming to end… What we have for this month in the World of BUTAOTOME?

First of all, they are working on the C91 stuff, but that was already said a few post ago. Ranko tweeted: “This time my lyrics have a strong secondary creation factor. At least personally. They are secondary, tertiary, quaternary ( ¨̮ )”
This reminds me of her commentary on Suzu no Sorane, where she defined most of her lyrics as “tertiary works” since they were based on “secondary works” (her Touhou headcanons). Shikaban was even a “quinary creation”, according to her… w I hope she will write some comments after the album’s release!
Also, the Daikyuushuusai 21 catalogue is online and BUTAOTOME’s circle cut features a new artwork. It could be a spoiler for the C91 vocal album: just click on the link below if you are curious.
“We’ll bring the winter new release. Feel free to visit us.”

Other relevant things for this month include:

Tomorrow at 11:00 CET there will be a streaming from “Play, Doujin!” to celebrate the PlayStation release of Urban Legend in Limbo, and all the four Butamembers will be there!
Livestream link

The song Kiyoraka na Koufuku (the most recent Candid Friend arrange, made for Groove Coaster) will be finally available on Groove Coaster arcades from Wednesday 14th!

Touhou LIVE BOX started to broadcast their monthly live on LINE! The upcoming one (23rd) will feature BUTAOTOME as well (and it will be probably the last live for this year). It will be watchable from both smartphone and PC.
Melonbooks pageLINE

No Utau Namahousou for the 28th of this month. They will probably prepare themselves for Comiket the day after, also Ranko will be a guest at A-One’s one man live during the same day.

That’s all for this update! :insert here cats: