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Tiramisu Cowboy now has a proper domain: tiramisucowboy.com! The website is still hosted on Tumblr (and every old link redirects to the new pages), but I consider this to be the first step for world’s domination a complete moving in a possible, distant future. Special thanks to felys, who kindly helped me!
Now I should re-host all the images from my old dead blog (which I still keep online exclusively as image archive for TC) to the WordPress I’ve created for the list of songs… I’ll take advantage of this for also fixing errors here and there as well as reorganize various stuff I still have left unfinished for one reason or another (the Tiramisu Cowboy folder in my PC is a complete mess X_X)

News from the Butaworld!
Still no new info about Furubokko. End of the po- ok, jokes aside.
Since some weeks, Comp occasionally tweets about arranging stuff, and he talks about “working on different/unusual arranges”. It’s unknown for what he is making this stuff. The next relevant Touhou event where Buta will participate is Kyoukai kara mieta Keshiki in March. It’s an Hifuu-only event, and it was the event where Kouseki Radio and Folie à deux were released in the past years. Maybe we’ll get another short Hifuu album?

Music game news!
– Since some days, Senshaku Zesshou no Fantasia (the Reitaisai collab unit song) is playable on Groove Coaster’s arcades!
– the new Bemani game, Nostalgia, will feature a re-arrange of “Machibito wa Kozu.”. Nostalgia is a piano-based game, and the song featured there are basically piano pieces, so this version of Machibito will be probably a piano version.
– Uki Yomichi, TAMAONSEN’s popular arrange of Broken Moon with Ranko, will be playable on CHUNITHM arcades from next week!

Last but not least, today is the 150th weekly streaming!
Nicovideo link

That’s all for this update!