Pocket no News 18: this week’s schedule

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You know, I originally wanted to write an update during the last weekend, but I found lots of news today, so I’m glad to have postponed it www

First of all, Comp is busy with his Melonbooks tour, and tomorrow it’s the final day! He travelled all around Japan in these days: he visited every Melonbooks store, gifted a special autographed drawning to each one of them and also got some presents from the fans. You can check his travel log on the official website or on this Togetter feed.

Also, no Utau Namahousou for this week. Instead, on the same day, Butaotome will be guests at a streaming related to this year’s Niconico Choukaigi, where they’ll talk about ZUN’s beer, Reitaisai and Touhou LIVEBOX.
Livestream link

Then, this Friday, Butaotome will perform on Niconico’s radio, and it will be broadcasted!
Livestream link

Now, let’s move on the world of music games: according to this advert, Groove Coaster is planning to release their third Touhou compilation. No other details are known, except that it’s an instrumental compilation and Butaotome will be there! I suppose it will be released on Reitaisai.

Also, a reminder that the REFLEC BEAT Soundtrack will be released on Wednesday 12! The third disc contains Zero (Akhuta song with Ranko), and today the crossfade has been published!

That’s all for the news from the Butaworld, now what about this site? Well, some days ago I published the lyrics for the two songs in the Touhou PARTYBOX 3! Check the other songs page. I’m still searching for the proper lyrics of the tracks in the Partybox 2, though (and I don’t want dubious by-ear transcripts). Regarding Chuudou hokou, the new Dichromatic Butterfly arrange for the Playstation mag, Jordi purchased that one, and I thank him in advance! Though I don’t know when he’ll finally receive it, hopefully soon!

That’s all for this update! Now, time to do my daily praying for Akarui Mirai to be released on the next Chunithm Soundtrack CD…