Weekly recap 5: where are the C92 albums?, Akarui Mirai’s CD release, etc.

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TC Crew Theater 5. They are preparing for Tiramisu Cowboy’s second anniversary on Sunday!

There was no streaming today and it’s a week poor of news! We are just waiting for the C92 releases announcement, which should happen any time now… Melonbooks accidentally put up the preorder pages for the two new albums and while I was writing the news, the shop deleted them. The news post is ready, but I’ll wait for the official site to be updated before publishing it. Go, Sis!

Some videos from the Kagi Night event have been published. In this one there is Comp playing bass and some other dudes (okay, at least I can recognize Ichigo and Kyoichi Kagiyama -which is the one who organized the event, but I’m not familiar with the rest) and they are performing Judgement’s song “Fukanzen Lovers”.

Remember when last week I’ve said “I swear I’ll go crazy for a Chunithm soundtrack with Akarui Mirai”? Well, you didn’t want to see me last Friday.
Sega announced a new Chunithm Original Soundtrack, named “Genesis Of Destiny Rebellion” and Akarui Mirai is the first track! This album will be released on the 14th of August at the “All Justice Music Game Summer Festival 2017” (大正義(オールジャスティス) 音ゲー夏祭り 2017) and hopefully it will be available in shops. Chunithm’s soundtracks are purchasable on GAMERS (though I don’t know if they ship overseas or you need a proxy) and Amazon JP.

That’s all for this week! See you on Sunday (or when the C92 albums will be finally up!)!