[UPDATE] Trauma Recorder is out in digital formats.

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The album will be out next week! Some Japanese download websites have published samples of each song from the album.
You can listen them on mu-mo by clicking the play button next to each title!

[UPDATE] Trauma Recorder is out in digital formats! Check out the iTunes store of your country. (this time is also in the US store as well!) It’s also on Spotify for those who can’t buy it but still want to listen in a legal way.

I don’t know if this was a mistake from basically every download website, since there is no mention from official sources. The official release date is still next Wednesday. Physical copies will be out on that day, but some shops might decide to sell them the day before. I’ll publish the lyrics a couple of days after.

My friend Scott will buy my physical copy in Japan and he will ship it once he will come back in America, so the review will be out at the end of the month/beginning of December. I will also talk about the piano to uta albums and more!

P.s.: as I’ve said on Facebook/Twitter, the weekly recap will be published tomorrow due to the weekly livestream being postponed.