Weekly recap 23: end of Compachi’s Melonbooks tour, new how-to-buy guide, etc.

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First of all, congratulations to Comp, who ended his second Melonbooks tour! Will it become a staple element for the major albums’ promotion?

A couple of days ago, Trauma Recorder managed to enter the top 100 of Google Play JP! Even more congratulations!

On Saturday, Ranko randomly tweeted “MokoSumi… Aa…”, followed by a tweet where she said that she was busy writing lyrics. Possible hint for the C93 vocal album? Also, yesterday Comp tweeted “I’m re-arranging the song of another person”. …wat?

For Groove Coaster mobile players: the 16th Touhou arrange pack has been released and it contains Konohazuku! A reminder that the mobile version of Groove Coaster is easily available outside Japan.

Konami finally announced GITADORA Tri-Boost Original Soundtrack Volume.03 and GITADORA Tri-Boost Re:EVOLVE Original Soundtrack, both to be released on February 14. Tracklists have not been published, but you can expect the songs Kakera and Tanpopo (which were made for Gitadora) to appear, finally getting their album release! (and maybe also Radical Shoujo’s original recording in the first disc)

That’s all for this week in the World of BUTAOTOME. Regarding this website, I have a good bunch of news! First of all, as I’ve previously said, I’ve recorded the Dream 5 Days radio feature and I have a 30 minutes mp3 file ready to be shared. But I want to relisten to it first, in order to get a summary of what has been said, sorry!

Then, I finally finished the upgraded How to buy guide! It’s long but also quite exhaustive and it might be improved with time, I’m happy! I also want to add a little trivia: you might remember of the website BuyDoujin.com, that was created in May 2016 and then misteriously closed after a year of activity (the staff disappeared and neither the circles were able to contact them). That shop sold doujin albums to overseas people with the authorization from the circles and without proxy/forwarding fees. Back when they added Butaotome in their lineup, I contacted them for a few stuff and they told me they couldn’t sell Neko no Anmin because it’s a Melonbooks exclusive: BuyDoujin was an actual shop who got their stock of albums from the circles themselves, not a middleman service. The whole “melonbooks exclusive” deal was also the reason they weren’t able to bring some circles (Diao ye zong, for example).
…but Folie à deux and I LOVE CHERRY were available. :thinking emoticon:

Last thing is that I’ve ordered December’s issues of Sound Designer and Bass Magazine with Butaotome articles! I don’t know when I’ll get them, but I’ll bring you the translated contents! (Cooooooooomp I’m doing this for youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu…….)

It’s the 7th in Japan, so it’s Paprika’s birthday. See you tomorrow with my usual birthday post!

TC Crew Theater 23. Guess what will be finally published during the weekend?