Weekly recap 29: slow news week is slow.

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No livestream today!

TC Crew Theater 29: Chibi Ranko and her new pet dragon. [silly question time: what’s your favourite member of the TC Crew?]

Seriously, there are almost no news this week in the World of BUTAOTOME. There was the Touhou Popularity poll (where the two sisters posted their votes), it snowed in the Tokyo area (lots of pics on Twitter), but that’s all. The only thing I can report is that last Sunday Comp played bass for Mitsuhiro Oikawa [discography]. There were also the guitarist Araken and the drummer Kaorin. According to a blog post I’ve found written by Kaorin, it was a recording for Mitsuhiro’s upcoming album.

And that’s all. This weekend BUTAOTOME will play in Nagoya and Osaka for the Trauma Recorder tour, so I’ll publish the setlists! Also, last night I’ve finally published my review of the C93 stuff, so click here if you missed it!

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