Weekly recap 31: more lives, new Marisa project, etc.

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Thank you, Sis ♥ (from her weibo account!) (bu-but I’m a she…)

This week’s BUTAOTOME schedule! Saturday: live in Sendai for the Trauma Recorder tour. They’ll play some old songs they don’t play since a while! Sunday: booth at Koi no Mahou wa Marisa ni Omakase!, a Marisa-only event. Tuesday: live in Shibuya with other indie bands.

Speaking of the Marisa-only event, they won’t bring anything new, but they’ll distribute a postcard promoting some new Marisa-related works set to be released during spring Touhou events.

Daikyuushusai, My Friend (ReiMari-only event) and Meikasai will get new goods and event-limited discs! They will be respectively a bag, a mugcup and a bottle. These goods will be also sold in shops on a later date. Regarding the event-limited discs, they’ll contain 4 songs: 2 new arranges and off vocal versions. More details will arrive in the next weeks.
I just hope these discs will be re-released in a future album or I’ll be able to get them somehow…

Speaking of event participations, last Sunday Ranko was in Hiroshima and Comp and Sis were at the Tokyo Big Sight. They all had a booth for small Touhou events, but there was no new thing.

In the meantime, the live schedule continues to expand! We have a new live for the end of the month and the Connect Kabukicho Music Festival in May.

New month, new Melonbooks store BGMs: the last two months were all about the tracks made for the 2nd Melonbooks Shop BGM Compilation (which included the song Koe), but for February we have Mesen, the first track from Ayakashi Yokochou.

That’s all for this week… I still have a lot of project (interviews) to finish to translate… ;_; But for this week I want to finish a new review!

TC Crew Theater 31 feat. a sneak peek of what the review will be about.