Weekly recap 33: Touhou LiveBox, etc.

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First of all, the Trauma Recorder tour is ended! Congratulations! All the setlists have been collected in this page and you can also check a nice list of all the songs played in this picture. Live footages are uploaded on Paprika’s Twitter Account (as daily comus) and in the official fanclub. As usual, the fanclub stuff will remain there and I won’t reupload it, but I might make a big montage of all the live-related comus.

But the live schedule doesn’t stop here! BUTAOTOME will play at Touhou LiveBox on Friday! It can be watched live on Youtube, here is the livestream link! Please remember that Melonbooks will delete the stream after a while, but I’ll try to save any interesting song that gets played (aka: no overplayed 2010 hits).
Coming back to the non-Touhou world, the Pig will perform in Shinjuku on Tuesday, along with other Japanese indie bands: You’ll Melt More!, DOTAMA and ・・・・・・・・・ (Dots. Yes, that’s their name).
And a new three man live in Osaka has been announced for the end of March, together with chocol8 syndrome and TECHNO SAURUS (omg, another weird-looking band, for once!)

As announced on Monday, this spring will be all about limited singles and Kirisame Magic Shop-themed goods! More details are here, if you missed them. According to a quick Niconico poll, the 100% of people want them (without specifing if they just want the singles or the goods).

That’s all for this week! By the way, with the help of a dear friend, I finally finished to translate the comments in the Touhou Nekokenban Best, where Paprika and The Sis comment some stuff about the making of older albums of the series. You can read them in the Nekokenban 1-10 pages of TC.

TC Crew Theater 33: feeling lazy (˘ω˘)