Change of event exclusive freebie

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Due to some mistakes, those who will buy the new albums at Reitaisai won’t get a clear file. Instead, the Sis prepared a set of five postcards, with album arts!

1. How a debtor apologizes (BUTAOTOME sisters)
2. Worst sisters (Shion and Joon)
3. Daihinmin Shion cover art
4. Marisa in the witch’s working place
5. Majotachi no Ongakushitsu

And because why not, here is a translation of the first postcard:
Debtor’s etiquette, 4 ways to apologize
1. Kneel down
2. Lie down
3. Regretting feeling
4. Become serious (Ranko: “really?!” Sis: “Um”)
Misc words: letter requesting money, bill, garnishment

In other news, BUTAOTOME (or at least Comp) will be a guest at this month’s Touhou Station among other doujin artists, where they’ll talk about Reitaisai! It will start in an half hour from the publication of this post, feel free to check out (I apologize for missing this from the weekly recap). Link