One Week BUTAOTOME 70: Uta Matsuri is this weekend

This recap is horribly short.

TC Crew Theater 70

There was no ButaNama this week, but Comp was a guest in the Reitaisai livestream, where he talked about the upcoming Uta Matsuri. Looks like it will have a different setlist! You can watch it here (timestamped). Meanwhile, Ranko decided to resume her Twitcasting account after 6 years for a small audio-only livestream where she chatted with her followers (it’s not saved).

Super Sis’ art corner
Youmu sketch
RenMerry drawings drew during the Café Terrace event

Any live/event/blabla in the next 7 days?
This weekend there is Uta Matsuri, the most important Touhou live event of the year. It will be 2 days with different groups. BUTAOTOME will play on the second day, Sunday!

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