One week BUTAOTOME 77: Heisei Kaisei Dottenshan on Groove Coaster PC, etc.

Chibi Ranko, listening the newly received C95 albums with a friend

There was no ButaNama today!

“Oh right, we have a Youtube channel”
More old PVs have been reuploaded on BUTAOTOME’s official youtube channel!

Music Game Planet
For Groove Coaster PC players, Heisei Kaisei Dottenshan will come next week! It will be part of the “KAWAII Pack”, centered on simple songs with female vocals. As usual, you can buy it separately or together with other songs! It’s unknown if it will also come with the Ranko avatar that was available on mobile.

Super Sis’ Art Corner
Chen and Alice wearing real clothes

That’s all for this week! The review for the C95 albums and guest songs will come soon!

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