One week BUTAOTOME 83: maimai and TAPSONIC news

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Today’s livestream was 30 minutes long and Comp talked about alcohol. On a unrelated note, Ranko recorded something on Monday!

Music game planet
This week we have some exciting news! First of all, a song has been added on Maimai last Friday. It’s a certain track from Ayakashi Yokochou and a popular arrangement from Touhou 16… That’s right, I’m talking about Inzen! (sorry Mesen, it’s not your time to shine outside of lives) The song doesn’t have a PV, but an animated Okina artwork by Daimaou Ruaeru.
Moving on other games, it has been announced that BUTAOTOME will contribute a new song for the mobile game Tapsonic! No other details are know, except that it will be a vocal song.

Super Sis’ art corner
The Sis was also streaming some Reimu and Marisa arts today…

That’s all for this week! By the way, tickets for Buta Lounge, the first celebrative live for the 10th anniversary, will start to being sold on Melonbooks from this Saturday! (the link is currently unavailable, just wait until Saturday)

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