One week BUTAOTOME 82: it’s the year of the Pig!

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Chibi Ranko, aiming to be a Pokémon master! (thanks to Jordi who gifted me this one <3) (also sorry Ranko, but Popplio > Rowlet)

2019 is not just the year of the pig according to Chinese zodiac, but also the celebration of BUTAOTOME’s 10th anniversary! I think most of us were expecting just a big, Jump Otome-style celebrative live, but BUTAOTOME want to take seriously their achievment of 10 years of activity. As announced during last weekend (TC post here), there will be a series of special lives and other things. Starting in April with a very classy acoustic live. More will come in the next months!

What’s happening behind the scenes?
There was no livestream today, except for a Ranko one where she was eating her birthday cake. Comp is still working on things he can’t reveal now. This includes him recording something with Araken, a known name if you are familiar with Comp ‘s solo contributions outside of the doujin world. Probably the bear will play bass for some songs!

Touhou songs on DAM (Japanese karaoke service)
DAM is adding some Touhou songs to sings with your friends while getting drunk during your trip in Japan. Since Tuesday, some BUTAOTOME songs are available: Kakoinaki yo wa Ichigo no Tsukikage, Gensou no Satellite, Hakanaki Mono Ningen, Fabulous, Machibito wa Kozu. and Night of Nights BUTAOTOME version! It’s worth to mention that this is the karaoke debut for Hakanaki, Fabulous and Night of Nights! (the 2010 songs were already available on Joysound since years)
More songs by other artists will come in the next weeks, including Tamaonsen’s Uki Yomichi from March 5.

Music Game Planet
From today, BUTAOTOME’s rendition of Night of Nights (or Knight of Knights, or Notte dei Cavalieri, or…) is playable on Groove Coaster arcade! The difficulties are 2, 7 and 12, with no extra chart. Not a particularly hard song…

Ranko and friends’ Cthulhu TRPG adventures
Here is the Youtube channel where Ranko, Hotaru Murasaki, Mamemi and others will stream their TRPG plays. You can also watch the streaming from last Saturday, if you are interested!

Super Sis’ art corner
Ibuki from Street Fighter
Lilith from Darkstalkers

That’s all folks!