One Week BUTAOTOME 85: new albums coming on iTunes and Google Play!

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Happy birthday, Violet-san!

As the title says
After 5 months of silence, we finally have a new update on the Touhou albums availabilty on iTunes and Google Play. From this Saturday at midnight (your local time), all the releases from the autumnal events/ winter Comiket of the circles that were already available (including BUTAOTOME) will be finally purchasable on the digital music shops! Other Touhou circles will also join the lineup, including UNDEAD CORPORATION. Here is the official announcement with a list of which circles will be added.

BUTAOTOME at Reitaisai 16
Reitaisai 16 is on May 5 and BUTAOTOME will have their booth at
A18ab! They will bring something new!
Circle list

I sometimes forget stuff, too
Ongeki Sound Collection 01 was released around the end of last month. It has the instrumental song Rockin’ Pink Monster and it’s without the GAOOOO scream you hear in the game and even in the game rip you can find on Youtube. The soundtrack is on iTunes, but unfortunately it’s only in the Japanese store

Funassy’s 4th single: Restart/Ghoul City
Chiba’s mascotte character will release a new single on April 24. Like last time, Comp will play bass!

Weekend in Nagoya
On Saturday Ranko will be at an event called “Touhou All Division”, where she will have a solo performance. Then, the day after, all the BUTAOTOME members will be at Touhou Meikasai 13. Booth is N-25,26. They will just sell old stuff, there is no new release!