One Week BUTAOTOME 87: basically the highlight of the week was me listening Bero Bero Be acoustic

Chibi Ranko in selfie mode

This is a mostly empty week. BUTAOTOME members are still busy. Ranko wrote lyrics and she is still doing rehearsal with Paprika. Comp will be one of the guests in a Beatmario live in May where they sing about… male genitalia (don’t look at me, Beatmario made an entire album where they sing about Mara and co.!). And now we have Comp’s stickers for LINE. Sis drew Koishi, Nitori and Shou. Meanwhile, I had a dream that TapSonic finally added the new BUTAOTOME song that was announced a month ago but we still didn’t get any update ever since. And in the real world I got a birthday package from mr.deagle and it had (surprise surprise!) Utau Acoustic vol.6. Thank you a lot! Also, still thanks to him, the lyrics for Riverside Parade and Mou Nidoto Uragiranai (the two tracks from Melonbooks’ Touhou Party Box 2) are finally up!
I should update my collection section soon, but now I’m still busy with a project on THBWiki I hope I will be able to finish before the months ends. And that’s all for this week. Next week I will reuse the good old format for the weekly recap. But hey! Something will come on Sunday/Monday!

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