So, I have two important news for you!

The first is that the romanization of 豚乙女 has been changed to “Buta-Otome”. Western fans are just used to this rendition of the name, to the glorious hyphen. Tiramisu Cowboy aims to overseas fans first of all and it’s pointless to try to change the status quo. We also have the new logo!

The second news is that the Komeiji sisters, Koishi and Satori, will be the new mascottes of the website. Over the years they demostrated to be the perfect characters to represent Buta-Otome, especially with the countless Hartmann’s Youkai Girl arrangements and Satori being featured in unrelated albums. Koishi-chan is now the face of the website in the various social media accounts, taking the place of Moni-ko. The TC crew will also change. Chibi Sakuya and Chibi Renko have been fired! Chibi Koishi and Chibi Satori will arrive in the next days!

Aaaand that’s all for today.

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