One Week BUTAOTOME 88: Buta Lounge is this weekend, Black live announced, etc.

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A small meal together

I didn’t watch today’s livestream (sorry Comp), but this time it was an entire hour! Wooo!

Did you survive April Fools? As usual, BUTAOTOME didn’t do anything, but TC was took over by the Komeiji sisters. I told you they are more evil than the Yorigami sisters!!11 (also, a reminder that Buta-Otome is an outdated spelling and there is no freaking hyphen in current official sources)

The most important news of the week
We now have Ranko’s line stickers!!! Okay, now to the serious stuff.

More 10th anniversary celebration
The second live for the 10th anniversary was announced this weekend. It’s “Black”, a regular one man live under the concept of black. June 29 at Shibuya Rex. Japanese fans wondered if this live will have songs with “kuro”/”black” in their titles, like Makkuro na Yuki, In The Black or everybody’s favourite song Black Sunflower. Things aside, more info will be announced on a later date!

Meanwhile, Buta Lounge is on Sunday! As a reminder, tickets are sold out and you can’t even buy them at the venue.

Funyanyan Hero
Today the first episode of the fourth season of Meow Meow Japanese History aired in Japan. It featured a new opening composed by Comp and with vocals by the idol group elfin’. The anime was supposedly to be simulcasted on Crunchyroll, but looks like I can only watch the last episode of the 3rd season… American accounts can watch the other episodes, but they still didn’t add the newest one. MMJH is also a very obscure anime outside of Japan, so I can’t check some shady sources. I will probably check again later, or listen to the opening once the single will be released, on May 22!

Super Sis’ art corner
I just want to say that she posted this picture a couple of hours after the Komeiji takeover started.

And that’s all :suyaa: