Ranko’s commentary of Buta Lounge

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This was posted back in April on BUTAOTOME’s official fanclub blog.
I decided to translate this one for a couple of reasons. The first one is that I want to give to the readers of this website a good insight into how Buta Lounge was. The second is that I hope it will also make you want to listen to a studio version of some songs they played! I hope Butaotome will release them one day! However, I won’t post the pictures in the post, because of my usual policy.

*intro post good evening, wooo the last days were like PCB!!11 [Violet: considering this was written back in April, when they were working on Epitaph, now it sounds like a foreshadowing…]*

Now, I’ll talk about the Buta Lounge live from April 7. It was a lot of work to revist one song at a time, but it was a lot of fun.
From this point, there will be quite a bit of “it was hard” and “it was difficult”, but “it was fun” for all of them~.
I’ll do them in order.

1. Y
Recently I often only write “Y” as the title of this song, but I remembered it was like this when I originally started to write the lyrics. I wrote the lyrics, and I came up with three different readings in the refrains: “ibitsu na” (歪な), “hizunda” (歪んだ) and “yuganda” (歪んだ), hence its title.
It was a bossanova arrangement, so the groove was difficult~ If it’s a genre you don’t listen to a lot, it’s hard to get familiar with it. But since it was easy to get the key, I sang it at first during practice.
Regarding the way I sang, I was aware of being gentler than the original song overall.

2. Mou Ashita nanka Iranai
The feeling didn’t change that much from the original song, but it felt a little sadder.
:picture of the lyrics handwritten on paper:
I wasn’t too negligent! XD.
It was great to review it again when I wrote out the lyrics like this~

3. Inzen
Wasn’t this one really cool?? While practicing I was absolutely sure everybody would be happy~ I was excited!
I like this arrangement so much… I think it would be nice if everyone could hear it again…
I tried to change the score in accordance with the arrangement (the pre-choruses) and I’ve also tried to match the power of the final pre-chorus with the piano.
It’s a song that I have put together with Pap because the groove was difficult.

4. Chuudou Hokou
We played the Guerrilla version.
I’m not good at remembering the lyrics of the first verses, and I skipped them even during the final rehearsal, but because Pap told me, “If you make a mistake during the rehearsal it’s fine because then you won’t make it during the live!” I was saved, and I didn’t make any mistakes. Is she an angel?
Since the words were difficult one by one, it was very hard to properly sing them. I’m not good at ballads. It was rewarding, and the second-most tiresome song.

5. Mamorubeki Mono
This song’s piano is really cool! It was nice to listen to it with the grand piano~.
The spot where the first verse starts and the spot where the chorus starts both differ from the original song, so how can we make it sound natural? There was a lot of trial and error. I was anxious until its final shape, but I’m glad it turned out cool.
It’s been almost 10 years since I sang this one for the first time. My abilities have expanded since that time, and it was fun to sing!

6. Panorama
There was also a plan to make it a ballad, but in the end, we decided to do it with the same momentum as the original song.
It was fun to sing it and carefully chase my feelings. It was the same acoustic arrangement I did once, but I think it was definitely clearer than that time.

7. Machibito wa Kozu.
I sang the Acoustic Gakkyokushuu 2 version. I’ve sung this song many times in regular lives, and I’ve also sung acoustic versions that aren’t this arrangement, but it’s good every time and I’m happy I’ve sung it for many years. But I think it’s just as difficult as that~ haha
But I’ve never been really satisfied, so I think I can do it all the time.
I think this is the song I’ve faced the most so far…., yeah.
I think everyone has listened to this song a lot, but I hope you enjoy it with a new charm.
Next time, in a regular live, I will look forward to how I will sing it.

8. Hitotsubu no Kiseki
This was the hardest song for me, so tiresome…….._(:3 」∠)_
:picture of the lyrics handwritten on paper:
I’m not good at ballads (2) I practiced a lot~ A loooooooot~ (giant voice)
Today’s vocalists seem to like ballads a lot! There are lots of people saying that, but I think everyone is amazing, honestly…
I’m sure it was more packed, but for now, this is… my best. I want to become able to express more and more.

9. Yodare
The groove was extremely difficult, and I practiced a little more slowly at first, but it was easier for me to sing if it was fast, so it became a bit faster than the original song.
It has a stylish feel with just the piano! It was good to hear this on the grand piano as well.
This is a song that becomes more fun the more I practice.

10. Rougetsu
The song that gave me the second-most trouble.
:picture of the lyrics handwritten on paper:
Rougetsu was originally a very difficult song, or better, a song that I’m aware I’m not good at. I practiced insanely. It is a song that also has a lot of things I want to convey. I think that it is a song that I will really practice from now on. It’s very special.
How did it sound to everyone? I hope it reached you~.

11. Fabulous
Was this unexpected?! I don’t think there were many ways to make it acoustic, but it was good, wasn’t it?!?!?!?!?!
I love this arrangement so much and I really want to do it!!!!1111 (but I love Fabulous in first place
When we first started to practice this, Pap said “I’m a bit confused about this arrangement~”, but we tried it anyway, and I’ve been hooked from the first time and… it turned out…. so cool. We didn’t practice this one too much because neither of us were worried, but I wanted to do it more~

12. Utakata
We played the Ayakashi Yokochou version.
Utakata also got a rearrange in Guerrilla and is a popular song, but since it’s a hard song to do live it was good to play it here.
I used to sing more gently in practice, but I felt that it was better to have some strength~. However, it was a difficult song… I thought it was good to write the lyrics by myself. Still easy to sing.
I’m glad if you were happy!

13. Kakoinaki Yo wa Ichigo no Tsukikage
We played the Piano to Uta version.
It gets more stylish with this chord progression. I was a little confused at first.
I have a fairly long relationship with this song, but it was a good opportunity to review the lyrics and the PV as well. It’s a good song, isn’t it?

EN. Kyouen
Thank you for the encore! LOL
For this song as well we played the Piano to Uta version. Since I didn’t re-sing that one I wasn’t able to get the sound of the pre-chorus when I practiced it for the first time~ I laughed so much. This doesn’t usually happen so I was surprised. I also changed the score a bit~. I was able to sing it with fun, thank you~(´∀`*)

Now, this is not part of the official post (there were some live pics after the review), but if you want to see pictures from this live, check out Sana Harukawa’s website! She is a friend of Ranko, and on her website you can also find pictures from Black and old lives.