One Week BUTAOTOME 109: White’s ticket sales and more!

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First of all, please give some positive thoughts to my C96 albums, which are still lost on their way to Italy.

:checks the Italian postal website:
“in process at the International Trade Center”
:ANGEL CHORUSES: I hope they will arrive tomorrow or on Friday!!

Okay, time for some news from the World of BUTAOTOME! Ranko recorded something last Thursday!

They have finally announced when the ticket sales for the White one man live in November will start! From this Saturday at 10:00 AM (Japanese time), you can get them on Lawson Tickets!
Comp said that this will be the last one man live of the year, and he would like to play a lot of songs that have never been played before. Ranko said that she wants to sing Riverside Parade live in her Instagram stories, so maybe we should expect at least that one.

Anyway, even though I said multiple times that I have tried my best to go to at least this live, sadly I have to announce that I won’t be there, due to some life issues. Please have fun for me if you have the chance to go!

Touhou Freaks vol.2
This Sunday is Touhou Freaks 2 at everybody’s favorite venue: Shibuya Take Off 7! It’s a Touhou-only live with other, lesser-known Touhou circles, and part of the 10th anniversary celebration. Goods have been revealed, and all the participants will get a free sticker!

Rhythm games planet
Last week was Tokyo Game Show and among the various game announcements, Konami brought the mobile version of their arcade game SOUND VOLTEX, with the full list of songs. It will have a lot of Touhou songs, including all of BUTAOTOME’s songs that are already available in the game: Gensou no Satellite, Machibito wa Kozu., Kakoinaki yo wa Ichigo no Tsukikage, Mittsu Kazoero, Kyouen and Aru Haru no Hi! SOUND VOLTEX ULTIMATE MOBILE will be released in Winter 2019.

Moving on to other companies, today TAITO revealed the list of songs that will be playable on the Switch version of Groove Coaster, available at next month’s Reitaisai! Among them, there is Machibito wa Kozu., marking BUTAOTOME’s debut on console rhythm games!

And speaking of the Kogasa song we all know and love, it will be playable on Chunithm starting tomorrow!

Aaaaand that’s all for this week! Time to go back into usual stuff…