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One week BUTAOTOME 116: the White live is this weekend, Groove Coaster stuff

Only for this week, I’ve decided to delay the recap of one day.Comiket 97’s space has been announced, and the official BUTAOTOME channel is continuing to upload songs from the Jump Otome DVD. Also, the last episode of Neko Neko Nihonshi with Funyanyan Hero (the second opening composed by Comp) aired yesterday. It will be replaced next week with another… Read more »

One Week BUTAOTOME 109: White’s ticket sales and more!

First of all, please give some positive thoughts to my C96 albums, which are still lost on their way to Italy.…:checks the Italian postal website:“in process at the International Trade Center”:ANGEL CHORUSES: I hope they will arrive tomorrow or on Friday!! Okay, time for some news from the World of BUTAOTOME! Ranko recorded something last Thursday! WhiteThey have finally announced… Read more »