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BUTAOTOME 10th anniversary celebration part 9 – talk show event “Marumaru Futotta Buta no Ohanashi”

The ninth event for the 10th anniversary is “Marumaru Futotta Buta no Ohanashi” (the story of a plump pig). December 22nd at Kagurazaka The Glee (the same venue of Buta Lounge). Quoting the official website’s description: “This is a talk show where we look back on the 10th anniversary of Butaotome while enjoying meals and drinks at the table. Let’s… Read more »

One week BUTAOTOME 113: TaNaBaTa Otome is this weekend, etc.

The other day Ranko wrote lyrics, and today she recorded something. Post-Kouroumu updateDespite the typhoon, last weekend’s Kouroumu went fine! There was just Comp at the booth. He also did a one hour DJ set, and this is the setlist:1. Necro-Fantasia – Kishida Kyoudan2. Hoshizora wo Pocket ni Tsumete – TUMENECO x Honeypocket3. Junkan Circle End – Wakasagitsuri.4. Gekitsui Murasa… Read more »

One Week BUTAOTOME 98: the Black live is this weekend!

Muse Dash is a rhythm game that recently got a Steam porting (as well as a Switch one) and honestly I think it’s how every rhythm game on PC should be. It runs fine on my 7 years old PC, calibration works fine, base game is cheap, it has a colorful interface there is a lot of content. Also, even… Read more »