One Week BUTAOTOME 98: the Black live is this weekend!

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“Playing My Dash…”

Muse Dash is a rhythm game that recently got a Steam porting (as well as a Switch one) and honestly I think it’s how every rhythm game on PC should be. It runs fine on my 7 years old PC, calibration works fine, base game is cheap, it has a colorful interface there is a lot of content. Also, even though most of the famous songs are in the 30 euro DLC, there is still a good selection to keep you busy. And they are not milking the crap out of ZUN’s cow (actually, there are no Touhou songs in the game)! It only misses a BUTAOTOME song, so I’m promoting it here hoping that maybe one day we’ll get a new (or old) original song in the game!

Okay, I’m done with the advertising. Time to talk about things related to the Pig!

The most important news of the week
Some old goods are now on sale on Butaotome’s Booth, but most importantly the JIGOKU T-shirt!

Black one man live
The Black live is this Saturday! This is the second celebratory live of the 10th anniversary, and it will be a regular live with just BUTAOTOME. The venue is Shibuya Rex. At 16:00 there will be a sale of goods, with also a request box for the Compachi corner. You will be also able to buy tickets. The venue will open at 17:30 and the live will start at 18:00! From what Comp said in an old blog post, the setlist will feature both new, old and rare songs. Also, they will wear new costumes!

Here are the goods that will be sold at the live! The first five are new:
1. Black t-shirt (XXL only) – 2500 yen
2. Black towel – 1500 yen
3. Black silicon band 500 yen
4. Butaotome cap – 2500 yen
5. 10th anniversary sacoche – 2000 yen
6. 10th anniversary jacket – 6000 yen
7. 1st one man t-shirt remake (XXL only) – 3000 yen
The three Black goods will also be sold together in the 10th anniversary paper bag as “Black set”!

A small ending note: no, I won’t be at the live, and neither my boyfriend Scott for two reasons:
1. I still need to make the passport and solve some real life issues
2. We want to avoid Japan during summer months because it will be HOT AS FUCK
I think there will be a “White” one man live in November/December. And I will do everything in my power to be there. ?

Not just 10th anniversary lives
Butaotome will be in Kitakyushu on Sunday for a two man live with Kishida Kyoudan, with just Touhou songs. End of the news.

Now it’s time to go back fixing stuff here and there and maybe also trying to translate some stuff I left undone… The work for Tiramisu Cowboy will never end…