One week BUTAOTOME 120: GITADORA event, WePlay Game Expo, etc.

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Nostalgia. (“hey, but this game doesn’t have Butterfree…”)

While I’m writing this post, it’s already the 5th of December in Japan, and it’s the 10th anniversary of Kyoai’s PV. I don’t know if BUTAOTOME will do something to celebrate it during the day.

New Melonbooks compilation
Melonbooks will release a new compilation for C97! It’s the third volume of their “Touhou Suiseisou” series. There is no official page/XFD yet, however, the monthly Melonbooks store BGM has been updated with the tracklist of the first disc and 20 seconds samples for each song. BUTAOTOME has the seventh track: Akai Sora Noboru Shiroi Tsuki, an arrangement of Kagerou’s theme.

Rhythm game planet
As previously announced, Solid has been added on GITADORA NEX+AGE today! While BUTAOTOME has become a sort of recurring name on GITADORA with their originals, this is the first time we get a Touhou song from them in the popular guitar/bass/drum game.
In addition, a new in-game event has started! Until Christmas eve, if you play the songs in the “Butaotome 10th anniversary fes” folder, you will fill the gauge and you unlock a new original song: Henteko!
The songs in the folder are all the BUTAOTOME songs (obviously), the four Touhou arrangements, all the songs of the vocaloid GUMI (I don’t know why) and a couple of big licensed songs I saw in every arcade game (Charles and Maware! Setsugekka)

It’s still unknown when pop’n music will be updated with Haru no Yuki and Botan.

WePlay Game Expo
BUTAOTOME will be in Shanghai later this week! They will be at an event called WePlay, in the Touhou Project area. They will also perform live on the first day of the convention!
A while ago, Ranko no Ane asked her followers on her Weibo what are their favorite songs. A lot of people replied with Utakata, followed by Hikagakuteki Hyouriittai. Another thing I noticed from the various replies is that it seems that for some people any song is a BUTAOTOME song, as long as Ranko sings it and regardless of who arranged/composed it. Yeah, even stuff that is obviously outside of the Pig’s style, like Shibayan’s Clockup Flowers.
Anyway, why did I bring up this specific ask? Because Ane said that the collected data will be used for the setlist!

And that’s all for this week. Saturday is Paprika’s birthday and I don’t have anything ready!! 🙀