One Week BUTAOTOME 130: we are nice chibis with happy feelings, all of the time!

“Uumu, where should we put these two?”

I skipped last week because there was a lack of important news. And… honestly, we don’t have any huge news neither today. But I didn’t want to skip another week, so here we are! You deserve a Chibi Ranko hug if you get the reference in the title.

It’s that time of the year again! Well, earlier than usual because this year’s Reitaisai will be in March. Ranko is recording and writing lyrics!

Touhou Lost Word stuff
There was the Wonder Festival Winter a couple of weeks ago! Here is a huge livestream of stuff. The timestamp will bring you to the relevant part for this website: Kanako Itou singing Lost Word Chronicle live! Also, the Touhou Lost Word Youtube channel started to upload some of the new instrumental music that will be featured in the game. There is no BUTAOTOME song, but perhaps in the future they’ll upload one!

Other small news
– Ranko sang Soldi at Nomico and Nachi’s live, as well as Kasha in duet with nomico. Kasha is a song from the album Hyakki Yagyou by Kaya.
Here is a gameplay video for Dangerous Halo, the song from Touhou Kuenka FINALE (the CD exclusive to the super cool physical edition of Touhou Sky Arena Switch, to be released the 27). Warning: annoying anime girl screams.

Aaaand that’s all. Meanwhile, it’s midnight in Japan, so it’s Ranko’s birthday! See you tomorrow with my usual post!

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