One Week BUTAOTOME 154: Touhou Sky Arena Steam ver and Touhou Station 25-hour livestream

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“they are building something cool here…”

Not a lot of news this week. I’m still waiting for my copy of Yume no Hanashi to arrive.

Touhou Sky Arena on Steam
Touhou Sky Arena Matsuri Climax has now a page on Steam! The game is set to be released next month on the platform, and it will have all the extra content that was added over the years in its various add-ons and ports (characters, music, etc.). In addition, it will also be possible to purchase the entire OST of the game! The album Touhou Kuenka FINALE (exclusive to the physical Switch edition and not purchasable separately) is also included as the 10th disc, so now we have a much easier way to get Dangerous Halo Hello! Nostalgia moment time! The earliest iteration of Sky Arena was released in 2011 (Steam releases and console ports for Touhou games were unthinkable at the time), and people in the Italian community were talking about it, but it was only one year later, when I got into the Magic World of BUTAOTOME and Ranko (and learned that the game had a lot of songs by them), that I started to closely follow it and all of its progress over the years. End of the nostalgia moment, sorry.
Steam page
English trailer

Touhou Station 25 hour livestream
Touhou Station will have a giant 25 hours livestream on August 22nd/23rd! This streaming will be broadcasted on mildom, and it will be filled with guests and tons of activities. Around 17:00 JST there will be a special edition of Touhou no Uta/MiniComp show, featuring Hotaru Murasaki from EastNewSound, Terra and Sakiko from Girls Logic Observatory, and Fuki from Unlucky Morpheus.
Touhou Station’s mildom profile
Full timetable of events (Japanese)

And that’s all for this week.