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Upcoming BUTAOTOME music (as of November 26th, 2019)

Back in October, I realized that there is so much new BUTAOTOME music coming in various sources that it might be hard to try to track down everything. Since there is still some upcoming stuff, I decided to write this post. But I still update the various guest song pages once there is more substantial information and not just “there… Read more »

Post-Reitaisai update

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We are back from Autumnal Reitaisai (in a spiritual way, I wasn’t there). Time to write an update about the latest announcements! First of all, here is a timestamped link to Ranko singing Akeboshi Rocket in the Reitaisai streaming. There is also our poop god Beatmario singing Gensou no Satellite earlier somewhere, but I refuse to go to watch it…. Read more »