One Week BUTAOTOME 155: various TC updates, Touhou Sky Arena Steam is out now!

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“I fell asleep like I was passing out. When I woke up, August was dead and it was September. Where did my August go!?!?!?!?!?” Ranko, 2020

Chibi Ranko is following her big self’s footsteps and learning Korean. Chibi Muse needs something to fill the void left in her heart after finishing “best anime ever”.

Chibi adventures aside, as you saw from the picture, I got Yume no Hanashi! I’ve started translating it, and the first story will be out on Friday! It’s the longest story in the book, all the others are much shorter, so I should be able to keep the weekly schedule.

Furthermore, big news: the BUTAOTOME Fanbook has been entirely translated (well, at least the translatable parts). That’s right, I’ve finally finished the symposium! It’s quite long, but it covers some interesting points related to how BUTAOTOME works, so give it a read!

Recently, I’ve also tried to implement a couple of new features (?) on the website.
The first is that Ranko’s songs outside of BUTAOTOME will finally get single pages! [Example] They will have the info and all the stuff from regular song pages, but I won’t include lyrics unless Ranko wrote them or the song is featured in a release linked to BUTAOTOME (Kaen Ranzen, Touhou Peace, Sadistic Brownie, a possible Best of Ranko that might be released in the future under their name).
The second new feature is that I will add a link to an English translation in some song pages! [Example]
I will create pages and add links once I’ll be pretty much done with Yume no Hanashi.

Now, for some actual news from the World of BUTAOTOME… Comp still periodically ships BOOTH orders (though he posted some pictures of guitar and bass the other day, so I guess he is back into music-making), Ane posts some drawings and that’s all. The only relevant news for this week is the release of Touhou Sky Arena Steam! The price is 33,99 Euro, but it has a 20% discount for the first week. It also comes with a giant soundtrack DLC with all the albums from the Touhou Kuuenka series. Note that the tracks are mp3 320kbs (Dangerous Hello from the FINALE disc is a v2 for some reason) and that you don’t need the game to purchase it.

And that’s all for this week :comp_sheep: