One Week BUTAOTOME 165: new song for pop’n music Kaimei Riddles!

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Happy Hifuu day!

I apologize for not being able to keep the weekly recap weekly, but this is a very silent period for the World of BUTAOTOME, except for Comp working on stuff that has not been revealed yet.

I’ve updated the About BUTAOTOME section a couple of weeks ago. I’ve renewed the current members’ pictures, and rewrote some stuff!

Meanwhile, the BUTAOTOME Fanclub was supposed to be shut down at the end of November… but it’s still working for some reason. ???? But I will still continue to (re)translate the interesting old posts from it.

BUTAOTOME members didn’t acknowledge at all Paprika’s birthday, however, Comp uploaded the Mayoigo no Mezame PV on Youtube the day before. This PV is extremely old. It was originally released in 2011, around the time of Oriental Yumekikou’s release, but only now it has been officially uploaded on Youtube. It’s also one of the better ButaPVs, in my opinion.


Now to the main topic of this recap!
A new version of pop’n music launched today in Japanese arcades! It’s called Kaimei Riddles, and it has a mystery-solving/detective motif.
It also includes a new BUTAOTOME original, named Hopitasukopira (ホピタスコピラ)! I really don’t know what the title is supposed to mean, I like to think Comp came up with it by smashing his head on the keyboard. The song marks the second time the Pig contributes something original to this Bemani game dear to Ranko, following Botan/Button from last year.
Comp’s tweet

That’s all for this week, now excuse me but I go back to sacrifice VIVITs, hoping that Yumehanabi will be featured in the upcoming maimai x Arcaea collaboration.