“Daihinmin/Daifugou CD production talks” [Fanbox blog post, 18/02/2021]

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A translation of The Sis’ latest blog post, where she talked about the design of Daihinmin and Daifugou.

Note: I’ve omitted some images that were in the original article and replaced them with a description.

Ane here.

We published a CD called “Daihinmin” at Reitaisai 2018, and a CD called “Daihinmin” at the Summer Comiket of that year.
I can’t believe it’s already that long ago.

When they are put together, they look like this.

Daihinmin and Daifugou are also on BOOTH.

From Daihinmin, we play “Solid” the most in our live performances. As live songs, “Nai” and “Fabulous” are my favorites. They are fun.

I think these CDs went rather smoothly because of the mysterious coincidence that I like Shion and Ranko likes Joon.
I’ve heard many people say that their personalities match us perfectly, and I always end up thinking about it. Well…

I don’t know if it’s because of that or something else…

Someone made an MMD video with this. I was really surprised.
What is amazing is their movements… My sister’s movements and my pointless dancing were perfectly recreated…

If you want, you can compare it with the LIVE video.

At first, I didn’t understand the merits of Joon-chan that well, but from the middle of the story, I started to understand her more and more. The concept of money can easily drive a story, as it is often a valuable part of the secondary world.

By the way, the CD’s obi is a set like this.
Daihinmin: “Lack of money is the root of all evil”
Daifugou: “I come and go”
If you put them together, they are kinda yuri-ish, aren’t they? Did I think of a tagline? Maybe I did.

Oh, by the way, I also made a T-shirt.

This sold pretty well. The design is a little interesting, isn’t it?
The tycoon (daifugou) comes at you from above! Rise up, beggar (daihinmin)… That’s what it feels.

For “Solid”, I asked a young talented animator named Shun to create a very cool PV.

Amazin’. Someone who can make proper videos is amazin’.
It’s fast and accurate, something I can’t do. And he even added some cool material that I didn’t provide, which was great.

Because the original picture looks like this.

:Shion’s still from the rotating animation of the PV:


:Shion sit down artwork from Daihinmin:


:Udonge artwork from Daihinmin:


Here’s how the booklet has these cheap fellas.

:Sekai wa Omou yori Hiroku Omoshiroi hazu lyrics page from Daifugou:

Like this. Making the most of cheap stuff… a design like this…? Is it possible?

I really wanted to make a music video for “Fabulous”, but… Well, it’s a lot of work to make it.
Other than that, the two works are quite symmetrical, aren’t they? That’s my feeling.

The first time we performed “Fabulous” live was at the Touhou Live Box, right? At that time, my sister had brought a Joon acrylic stand, which was a bonus for buying the Antinomy of Common Flowers soundtrack at the event, to the dressing room.
(I wonder if she’ll bring it to the stage… Hmm…So conscious) I was like.

This one.
I thought she would have brought it on stage, but she left it in the dressing room and finished the live as usual.
It seems that it was completely for the purpose of “raising personal tension”. I was a little surprised.

If I post a lot of images and videos, the article becomes very long.

I think I’ll try to mention CDs or songs like this once in a while.
That’s it for today.

PS: I got a response from my sister.

“Here it is.
I brought it to get me completely excited.”

“But I didn’t want to take it to the stage and have it to break… Yeah…”

I see.

Ranko no Ane

Violet’s note about the obis of Daihinmin and Daifugou

This is not part of the original text, but my own interpretation and explanation about some stuff featured in BUTAOTOME’s Hyouibana duology.

Daihinmin’s obi tagline thingy (金が無いのが全部わるい) literally means “having no money is all bad”, but inside its booklet, there is a phrase that can be considered as its translation: “Lack of money is the root of all evil”. It’s a quote by the Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw. People can be pushed to their moral limits for the sake of money.
Interestingly, the Bible mentions that love of money is the root etc.., and it’s considered as a sin related to greed. Greed is one of the Seven Deadly Sins in Christian religion, and also one of the Three Poisons in Buddhism.

Daifugou’s obi thingy (ワタシは天下の回り物), on the other hand, is based on an existing Japanese proverb: 金は天下の回り物. It means “money comes and goes” (literally: “money is what goes around in the world”). Wealth and poverty are not fixed, and the phrase is used to encourage those who do not have money to not be pessimistic and that if they work hard, the money will come to them someday. Joon is the money, and the lack of her is bad for Shion. Maybe?

Inside the booklet, there is no literal English equivalent for it, but another phrase: “a golden key opens every door”. Originally attributed to the English playwright John Lyly, this idiom means that those who have enough money can pretty much do anything.

During my searches about these quotes, I found a British satirical comedy called The Magic Christian. It revolves around the concept that every human has their price, and the protagonist duo (an eccentric millionaire and his adopted heir who was formerly a poor dude) spends money to corrupt people and transform every kind of situation into a shitshow. Some pages on the internet associated the movie with the phrase “a golden key can open every door”, but from the summaries alone, I think “lack of money is the source of all evil” can also fit. And I think a Touhou parody with the Yorigami sisters as protagonists could work…