One Week BUTAOTOME 183: June 2021 update

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Waiting for Elden Ring (Chibi Ranko is friend with the pot boy!)

The only relevant news in the past 2 weeks or so is that Gekokujoujou is now playable on maimai, predating Touhou Danmaku Kagura as its first official release in a rhythm game. Oh, and the fanbox has been updated with more Sisters’ Radio and free blog posts.

Comp seems busy and silent.
Ranko is done unpacking and adapting to her new life as a wife in Osaka.
Ane has been posting more art on Twitter, both stuff made for fun (Jujutsu Kaisen and Uma Musume) and stuff people have been requesting her on Skeb.

Now… to some TC news! Translations have been added for the following songs and albums:

Also, several Italian translations have been added to the apposite section.

I’ve also (not) published what is probably the oldest BUTAOTOME interview to date. I’ve been working on more translations, but I may slow down so I could write a new review. Oh, and Ranko’s Daily Bibibi article for June should be out soon!

…and that’s all for today!