One Week BUTAOTOME 195: future translations, etc.

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This is yet another slow period of news… but now that Comiket 99 is confirmed (and hopefully it will come with a new album), we should get some juicy content soon!

Some of the future non-lyrics stuff

Website updates

I wanna start with TC news this time!

First of all, the giant live list has been moved from Google Spreadsheet to a proper page on the site, and I’ve finally updated it by including those five lives that happened in 2020/2021.

Moving on to translations, Hikari and Arikitari na Nouzui yo have been fully translated! I also bring you the translation of the visual novel that was released along with Nouzui’s announcement back in December 2014. Due to reasons, it’s just a text page + ripped images. It’s pretty long, so I’ve split it into multiple parts with WordPress’ page break.

I’m proud to say that every single Hifuu song has now a translation in both English and Italian, so now I can move into other albums… but what’s next? You decide! Here is a form. (the compilation track is required, but you are free to pick a random song) The voted albums and songs will take priority in my translation queue, from the most voted ones to every album that has at least one vote. I will keep the form open for about a week.

News recap

A reminder that there will be a live on November 23! Touhou Spell Bubble Festival will be broadcast-only live, on Taito’s YouTube channel. I think it’s safe to expect songs that are playable in the game will be played live.

Speaking of Spell Bubble, the game has released a new TAMAONSEN-themed DLC on November 18, which includes the song Uki Yomichi. The DLC is currently only available in the Japanese Nintendo eShop.

Gekokujoujou has been added to the karaoke service DAM on November 9!

Touhou Danmaku Kagura is not stopping with the addition of BUTAOTOME songs! Kyouen will be added to the game on November 23.

And that’s all for this week!