Tiramisu Cowboy’s waiting-for-official-announcements update

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I’m writing this post mainly to give you a reminder that Super Touhou Live Stage 2022 is on Monday 25, and BUTAOTOME will play live! Their timeslot is from 19:35 to 20:00 JST. It will be livestreamed on YouTube, no link is ready yet, so keep an eye on the official website!

BUTAOTOME’s Reitaisai 19 release

The polar bear and the sisters are busy with rehearsal, posting cat pics, kiatsu complaints, and stuffed peppers on Twitter. Yeah, just like regular days. After Comp said that the new release was done on Monday, the three members didn’t talk about it at all, even though it’s already been up to pre-order on most doujin shops since Tuesday. I won’t publish the news post until the official announcement, but if you can’t wait… well, just check this page! Melonbooks and Akiba-Hobby also have the XFD.

Website updates

All of Daifugou’s songs are translated! Yaaaay, Joon-chan!

And that’s all for today…