One Week BUTAOTOME 218: A normal live, originals on Melonbooks, etc.

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Website updates

So I’ve published two articles… the first one is the Houkiboshi review. Nothing to add, I guess. The second one is Ane’s birthday post. This year’s birthday posts will be dedicated to lyrics talks!

Next article… huh. I wanted to publish the original Best review, but due to my current state of mind, it’s highly likely I will 100% focus on writing Ranko’s birthday post instead. We’ll see, I guess.

Now to Butanews…

#Futsuu no Live

We have a new Touhou live announcement! This normal live will be held on April 15 in Nagoya, and it will have a great lineup consisting of Buta, MN-logic24, Girls Logic Observatory, and Water Color Melody! You can buy a streaming ticket here.

Original albums on Melonbooks

To celebrate the upcoming Delicate tour, Melonbooks has created a special page for BUTAOTOME stuff. The major point of interest is purchasable download versions of the five original albums and the newly released best of! The files are mp3 lossy 😩, I don’t know if they also include booklet images, but you can also buy separate tracks. Due to the usual major-related reasons, Bowling doesn’t have Sharekoube and Panorama.

And that’s all for this week…

By the way, shout out to Merami fan for updating their legendary guide on how to buy doujin CDs! It now focuses more on supporting the artists besides buying albums (with notes about live concerts, Patreon-like websites, etc.).