Tiramisu Cowboy’s pre-“normal live” and Reitaisai 20 update

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I’ve replaced my old shelves with some better ones and I’m just happy with how my doujin collection looks (the pictures here focus on the main Buta area), they are finally lined up in a pretty way and there is space for future things (and past things I’m still missing)!

This update is mainly to remind you that there is a live that will be streamed tomorrow (15th), and you can still buy a streaming ticket! It’s a multi-Touhou circle live, and the lineup consists of Buta (of course), Girls Logic Observatory, Water Color Melody, and MN-logic24!

Oh, and BUTAOTOME’s Reitaisai 20 release is done! It’s already up on certain doujin shops, so… I don’t think I will ruin anyone’s surprise if I tell you now that we are not getting an actual new album this time. The “new” release is BUTABEST 5, I’ve already created the page and I’m working on the review. However, please look forward to the official announcement, since there might be new merch on BOOTH and/or… :sighs: event-limited stuff!

And that’s all for today.