Tiramisu Cowboy’s road-to-summer update

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Hi, I’m alive.

I’m considering abandoning the “One Week BUTAOTOME” format, and settling with more irregular updates instead (partially due to the general lack of relevant BUTAOTOME news besides “oh, event is happening next month” + “oh, live in 3 months” + “oh, song x is on this game” once every 3-4 weeks). Maybe I’ll come up with a different style of titles other than “Tiramisu Cowboy’s X update”, and use less generic titles.

So… This post was originally going to be longer, with me talking about the content of 4 packages I recently got, but I decided to move those talks into a separate post that will be published on Sunday. I’m also working on a new, long translation that I should publish next week (here is a hint. Yep, music equip nerds are going to love it!).

Now, for a small recap of BUTAOTOME news…

  • Comiket 102 is happening in August! Of course the Pig is working on something new! Next event is Meikasai in June (we still don’t know if we’ll get anything, maybe just some merch). Ane also mentioned the possibility of some lives later this year.
  • Ranko and Ane’s Fanbox Radio is reaching its 100th episode in a couple of weeks! To celebrate it, they are doing a little giveaway. Every participant can receive a sticker, but only 3 lucky winners will get a keyholder!
  • Ranko had her wedding ceremony last month! She is married since two years ago, but due to the pandemic her and Shibafu were able to do a proper ceremony with the mega party and friends gathering only recently.

…I hope I didn’t forget anything else (well, yeah, ichigo’s birthday live happened and Comp was the bassist).

By the way, you may have noticed a very peculiar thumb…

Well, I’ve requested Ane to make an artwork for me and my boyfriend, and she delivered this! I’m so happy with how it turned out… It’s amazing… I especially loved how Chibi Ranko is on Muse’s shoulder, almost taking the place of her typical doll. I want to thank her so much for this picture, I will cherish it forever.

Aaaand that’s all for today!