Tiramisu Cowboy’s road-to-Comiket 102 update…?

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Hi, I guess?

First of all, let’s start with a recap of BUTAOTOME news…

We have two lives coming in the next months! Ano Hi Mita Gensou chapter 8 (Hifuu-only live) and Daifugou vs Daihinmin (one man live)! Details and ticket purchases link are in this post.

Comp is currently busy playing bass for Nanase Aikawa’s tour. On this Instagram post, he also mentioned he will go to Shanghai next month to play a support live! Oh, and yeah, he started to post pics of his human face on social media because I dunno. :kei_mesmerize:

Last week, Ranko was a surprise guest at this live in Osaka. Clocktime Anagram played cover versions of Haruka Tooi Sora no Koe and Gensou no Satellite, and she was the vocalist!

On social network news, BUTAOTOME members will keep using Twitter and Instagram for the time being, but Ane has made an account on Threads! Do note that she is not using it as much as the blue bird social network.

The Comiket 102 announcements season has officially started… and we still don’t know what Buta is planning. Comp is busy with the tour and hasn’t been tweeting about making new songs except for the other day (but who knows if it will be something Buta-related or another track for his favorite gacha…). Ranko hasn’t tweeted at all about writing lyrics and recording. Ane is tweeting more about the new goods she would like to make for Kyoto’s Hifuu event in September. She would like to make something she is not familiar with, but also mentioned that some things might be too expensive to make (too lazy to refind the tweet).

Now, keep in mind one thing: I don’t listen to the Sis Radio, so I don’t know if they have mentioned something about C102 there. My predictions are entirely based on what the members have been posting on Twitter and Instagram. And so, I think we are going to get another release on the “lazier” side, such as something that doesn’t have anything newly recorded. Or a single. Or even something that doesn’t require Comp’s input (Yume no Hanashi, my beloved…). Certainly not a full-length new release.
Assuming we are getting a selection of old material, then… please Buta, PLEASE. Re-release tracks from compilations and sources that are hard to obtain. I really hope we are not getting another redundant best of filled with tracks from albums still in print and available on streaming services. I know I sound harsh, but I’m still very disappointed with BUTABEST 5, and getting something such as Ura Best 2 or Otogee Best 2 right after that would be… not a great move, to say the least.

“That’s me!!!”

Now… what about me?

Well, I’ve published an article about covers, and I’m particularly happy about it, so give it a read and a reply if you are interested in the topic!

Lately, I’m focusing more on other projects unrelated to this website, but I’m also very slowly writing a review planned for… August 12. TC’s anniversary is also coming up next month, but I have zero plans!

American pizza

Aaaand that’s all for this week!