Omg, TC Anniversary is this weekend! Omg, C102 is next week!

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An update I just wanted to write as a small recap of all the things that happened in the last few days.

First of all, we are fully in the C102 announcements season! This event is shaping up to be at least slightly better than last Reitaisai. Sure, there are still the best-ofs, but at least we aren’t getting that many Flandre covers… for now. I have to plan my orders since we are going to get a full rush of doujin events until the end of the year (Kyoto Hifuu in September, Kouroumu and M3 in October, Autumnal Reitaisai in November, Comiket in December… and the upcoming Buta lives -Daifugou vs Daihinmin and the mysterious December one- will probably also have some nice themed merch…).

Anyway… let’s talk about BUTAOTOME’s C102 plans. Ane confirmed that she sent something to press. She usually handles the merch, while it’s Comp the one who announces the pressing of a new CD. And the polar bear hasn’t been posting about it. However, it’s confirmed that new songs have been made! Ranko recorded and wrote lyrics! There is hope!

In the meantime, all our favourite doujin shops such as MelonBooks and Akiba-Hobby will get restocks of the first BUTABEST later this month. The album is currently out of stock on BOOTH. While I would go in my usual rant about best of albums (and Best 5 is still an open wound), the second half of BUTABEST features tracks from compilations and other circles’ releases, making it a mandatory album for those who want to collect all the songs with few repeats as possible. So my guess is that while doujin shops will get BUTABEST, BOOTH will have the actual new release (single? DL Card?) + merch. Ane also said that the Summer Comiket notice will have “something that she wanted to try at least once”.

It would be nice to have an announcement during the weekend… especially on Sunday since it will be Tiramisu Cowboy’s 8th anniversary! In that case, I will combine the posts (I don’t have anything planned for anni besides shitposting on Discord ¯\_(ツ)_/¯).

In the meantime, Comp will be in Shanghai this weekend, to play bass. And Ranko tweeted the upcoming live schedule mentioning that there are still unannounced lives!

And that’s all for today!