Hey, Touhou 19 is good

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Oh hi! First of all, I haven’t been doing much Buta stuff lately… I’m mostly focusing on other side projects. I’m still waiting for my copy of Oshira Asobi to arrive (it’s already at Big in Japan’s warehouse, I’m waiting for other albums to arrive there so I can finally ship everything), so it will take a while before I can finally translate and review it… sorry for any delay!

Most of my favorite things have been delivering some amazing content lately (such as Magia Record finally releasing Devil Homura), so I’m a happy Violet! But speaking of something that is more relevant to this website… Have you been enjoying Touhou 19 Unfinished Dream of All Living Ghost (UDoALG)? As for me, it’s shaping up to be one of my favorite Touhous ever, partially because it’s essentially “WBaWC 2”. I love the new characters (especially Hisami and Biten), and I hope they will get great fanworks! And it appears Ranko has been enjoying the new game, she commented (among other things) about “that sexy lady” and that “chupacabra is cute”.

We have more info about Touhou Danmaku Kagura’s revival and Steam version, but I’ve already talked about it in this post.

Ano Hi Mita Gensou 8 is in two weeks, and you can buy a streaming ticket here. Comp said that the setlist will include songs that will get their live debut! I HAVE HOPE.

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And that’s all for today!