Daihinmin vs Daifugou is in two days (tomorrow)!

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This long awaited live is coming this Saturday! At Shibuya’s Take off 7 :thejarAAAAAAAAAAAA: Tickets (no streaming) are still available here, but you can also buy them at the venue. Ane hopes many people can go, since it’s gonna be a concept live with a very unique setlist. And In the latest Radio post, the sisters said that they would love to release pics and vids from this live in the future!

We also have some schedule for next month:
Ranko said that she will have a non-Buta live. Details should be released around Kouroumu.
– Comp will play bass for Nanase Aikawa next month.
– The Autumnal Reitaisai 10 list has finally been published! BUTAOTOME will have a space at あ12ab. Will we get something new? I dunno.

Now, to website news… First of all, I’ve published a super long post about my favorite Touhou characters!
Next post should be the doujin package pseudo-review feat. the Kyoto Hifuu merch!
Oh, in the meantime, I’m translating the Ane Manga!! The pages won’t be edited, I’m just writing the translated text. Better than nothing, I guess?

And that’s all for today, see you on Saturday with the DaiVS setlist!