First post of 2024!

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First of all, a major earthquake has happened in Japan… one of the worst ways to start the New Year… I hope everyone is okay. Buta members are safe (although Ranko has felt the earthquake in Osaka, but she’s okay), and they have been retweeting news.

Now let’s move on to the bright stuff…

Comiket 103 went fine, and Itoyuyushi is available in all the best doujin shops! The three new tracks have already been transcribed and translated (check them on the album’s page!), so I’m currently working on the review.

I’ve already written about it in the previous post, but Nanase Aikawa uploaded a video for Tasuki wo Tsunage, the song she and Comp made to support the Kokugakuin University. I’ve transcribed the lyrics from the video and translated them, so you can read them here!

Comp said in one of his Instagram stories that he did a sad song for Christmas. And Ranko had her last recording of the year on the 30th!

Now, to New Years stuff! We have a new stylish promo pic!

This year is BUTAOTOME’s 15th anniversary, and Ranko said there will be something every month!

Now, let’s talk about my plans for 2024…

  • keep the website updated as usual!
  • I will get the passport this month, so will this be the year I’ll meet them?
  • I’ve already planned the topic for this year’s birthday posts… except for Ane’s. And her birthday is coming in exactly one month, so AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
  • finish the Ane manga translation
  • finish projects such as the Physical Archive (and give it a proper name)
  • get stuff done in general
  • keep writing in general, I’d like to write more analysis
  • and more…

See you next post!