“New Year, Suspension” [Fanbox blog post, 06/01/2024]

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Decided to translate Ane’s latest post, to give a proper update here and not just on the Ilonno Maschato-branded social (and Discord…).

Ane here.
This is my first blog post of 2024.

We have a new promo picture.
Hope you enjoy it.

By the way, I got suspended on Twitter/X for the first time.
Wow, what have you done for me since the New Year?
I have absolutely no idea why.

Why was Ranko no Ane suspended…! (It should have been me to get suspended, why her…!)
The year of the rabbit is over, and so Ranko no Ane…
No other account is as calm as Rankoane’s, so I’m sure she will get it back.


But it’s so inconvenient!
Just by not being able to use a single app, I’m overwhelmed with the feeling that “humans are so much more alone than we realize ROFL”.
It’s a total dependency.

I’ve taken advice from many people and found that sometimes it can be fixed quickly and sometimes it can’t be fixed at all.
– I’m not going to make a second account right away because it tends to be unrecoverable.
– I won’t give up, and I will send many kinds of complaints.
I’m going to spend some time like this.

Other than that
– There will be an announcement on January 7th (tomorrow)
– We’re making originals. I feel good.
– I’m also making the 15th anniversary goods and stuff.

I look forward to working with you this year.