“Here is my Twitter” [Fanbox blog post, 09/01/2024]

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Continuing to translate the chronicles of Ane’s fight against the Xiatsu Corporation…

Just when I thought the Year of the Rabbit was over, my X account got swiftly suspended.
I haven’t solved.
Ane here.

You know, Twitter became X, but normal notifications related to suspension stuff come like, “Notification from Twitter,” and even the sender is Twitter Support.
I’m going to call it Twitter for the rest of my life.

Why was it suspended…? I mean, my account… When I appealed it,
it seems that the reason was “identity fraud.”
What does that mean…?

I sent a lengthy message to Twitter… Stating that I am myself and engaged in such activities… My icon and profile should not be mistaken for someone else’s.
I will fight because I absolutely don’t want to end up being the one who can’t prove that I am who I say I am.
Even though I tend to lose the certainty that I am who I am…
Why do I have to fight Twitter?
Is it the “enemy”?

I’m on a few other social networks, too.



Well, I don’t post much… but I do.

While I’m isolated from the world, I’ve been making some important announcements.

It’s in the middle of the tour… But I am going to have some of the most important memories in my life.

We will change the setlist for this kind of live, so please understand… thank you all for your cooperation…
Thank you very much…