Tiramise-san goes on holiday!

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I’m posting this update to inform you that I will be on holiday from the 14th to the 2nd! My boyfriend will visit me, so updates will be significantly slowed down, although I’ll try to keep an eye on stuff and hope nothing important will be announced while we’re in Venice and Verona. Why do I have a feeling something is gonna happen?

Ane VS the Xiatsu Corporation

In case you haven’t read the previous posts, or you don’t use that damn social network… Ane’s Twitter account got suspended last week. According to Twitter support’s emails, it’s due to “identity fraud”. She is trying her best to recover her account, but the more the days pass, the more hope fades away.
“It’s called X now…” Shut up, it’s the dumbest name ever, plus even the support itself still uses the old name.

You know, I ironically think that it’s thanks to Japan that Twitter is still going on – despite NotKagerou’s efforts to drag it down and everyone calling it “a dying place”. Heck, people would rather pay for premium instead of finding an alternative (partially because… there doesn’t seem an alternative everyone would agree upon!).
Perhaps due to Ane’s recent suspension, Comp and Ranko are now showing their blue checkmarks… I hope for them there aren’t many “Block The Blue” campaigns still ongoing.

I usually archive BUTAOTOME’s stuff, but unfortunately, I haven’t backed up much of Ane’s images. If you have anything (mainly random illustrations, I don’t care about food and other personal pics), please send it to me, my contacts are above. May this serve as a reminder to archive the stuff of your favorite artists, you never know when things get wiped out for something out of their control.

Other news?

Not much to say except for the announcement of a two man live with one of Ranko’s favorite bands. One of Ane’s recent posts reiterated that they are still working on originals, and that she is also making the 15th anniversary goods!

This is the package with Merry and Keiki. It’s been a full month now. Please send positive waves.

Aaaand that’s all for today!