“Continuing with Twitter” [Fanbox blog post, 18/01/2024]

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Ane here.
I’m doing well.

I’ve looked into various episodes of Twitter account suspensions, but it seems that there is no clear solution, and people have various experiences. I’m starting to feel like maybe I should just sprinkle salt on the situation.

Anyway, I’ve heard many stories about sending hundreds of appeals or it getting resolved vaguely after six months, and it made me go, “Oh noes!!!!!” So, I’ve been asking someone else to send documents on my behalf.
Why… am I doing this?

Well, complaining about it won’t change anything.
All I can do is pray.

But if I just keep praying, I’ll get depressed, so let’s talk about something else.


Today, Course-san came for a work call, so we tried to recreate the mysterious shout introduced in the above blog at the ramen shop that has undergone its own evolution.

If you were there hearing this, every time the dipping noodles were served, the boiling point of laughter would drop, and eventually, you might burst out laughing. I’m the type that weakens with each rub.

I’ll be making announcements about goods and other things again, so please look forward to it.