Kashiramoji of songs day 2 – setlist

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Just ended! Same place, different hashtag, same two new songs but completely different setlist! They also played one of the two songs included in the exclusive CD for who went at both dates!

1. Hito no tame
2. Fashion chuunibyou
3. Mamorubeki mono
4. Yoi kage
5. Hakanaki mono ningen
6. Mirai
7. Futatsu no cinema
8. Yuukeimukei
9. Fuwari kakusei
10. Panorama
11. Waizatsu ideology
12. Mou ii yo
13. Moonstone
14. Flight on deep time
15. Radical shoujo
16. Motelab.
17. Pyrite
18. Yurara kamishibai
19. Yubi shaburi
20. Y
21. Mondai
22. Panorama girl
23. Machibito wa kozu.

24. Haruka tooi sora no koe
25. Yumezakura

And with this… the greatest Butaotome live event for this year has officially ended. Personally, I’m still a bit sad there wasn’t any streaming at all, since they always did it for previous concerts… But I hope all the fans that went at the shows had a lot of fun!